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Privacy Policy

In order to provide our online services there are times when we'll collect data from our visitors.

We will always ensure that the data is absolutely needed to better and safely provide our services. We’ll never request more information than is needed.


The information that we collect will be obtained through:-

  1. COOKIES (you can view our Cookie Policy HERE).

  2. When creating an account (We will request your name, address, email address and telephone number).

  3. Providing financial details to process online sales (processed via, SSL secure shopping services or Paypal)

  4. If you contact us using our contact form.

There may be times when we run emailing campaigns for our registered customers. This is to inform you of online promotions or new services we provide. Customers can opt-out of this communication during account registration and at any point afterward. To opt out of these campaigns contact us HERE


Our online business is run via web hosting and payments are made through SSL Secure Shopping Services. The information we obtain will be stored safely within their secure databases. We will never share your information with another party and your data will be treated in full compliance with current Data Protection Regulations under the GDPR.

Published January 2021

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