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Beeswax - Spell Candles (6 in a box)


We're proud to have these stunning beeswax spell candles within our store.

Each one is coloured right through and is gently scented with a natural beexwax fragrance.


Each pack is specifically coloured to assist you with your ritual practices or simply to use as a home feature. These would also make a fantastic gift as they come in a nicely packaged box (see pictures).


(Candles are approx 10cm long with a 1 hour burn time)


Colour options:

Blue - Peace

Black - Protection

Brown - Earth Magic

Friendship - Pink

Green - Luck

Happiness - White

Orange - Confidence

Purple - Prosperity

Red - Love

Success - Cream


Beeswax - Spell Candles

  • We recommend that you burn candles in a draught free room, never leave a burning wick unattended and always keep our of reach of children and pets.

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