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Semi-Precious Crystals (A-D)


We possess a wide collection of crystal of all shapes, sizes and colours. Each crystal has a specific spiritual meanings to assist you with the various stages of your life.


Prices start from £2.20 and all sizes are close approximations.


Be sure to take a look at the continuation pages of our crystals range (E-P) & (Q-Z).


  • Amber (Smooth Tumblestone approx 2 cm) - Amber is a great stone for courage and in ancient times was often carried during long travels.


  • Blue Chalcedony  - (Tumblestone approx - 3cmx2.5cm) - Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and good will. It absorbs negative energy and brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony. 


  • Blue Saphire (Smooth approx - 1cm) - The Blue Sapphire is traditionally associated with purity and love. It assists you to stay on the spiritual path, releasing blockages and providing strength. 


  • Blue Topaz (Rough Tumblestone in small approx 1 - 2 cm and Large at approx 3 x 2cm) - A stone of peacefulness, calming to the emotions, and ideal for meditation and connecting with spiritual beings. It is a natural magnifier of psychic abilities, assisting those who wish to attune to inner guidance and spiritual healing.


  • Bustamite (Smooth approx 1.5cm) - Bustamite is a powerful tool when used in healing work, balancing and clearing blockages within the aura and meridians. Bustamite emminates a joyful energy, stimulating creativeness and a joy for life. 


  • Calcite (Clear) (Tumblestone approx 2-2.5cm ) - Calcite symbolises cleansing. This is the perfect crystal to have with you when you’re looking for a big change in your life, or when you need to make a fresh start. This crystal will amplify the flow of energy in your body and help you with your mental expansion.


  • Calcite (Mangano) (Tumblestone approx 2.5cm) A crystal that's in touch with the angelic realm. The stone can bring unconditional love, a raise in self-worth, acceptance and help with nervous dispositions.


  • Calcite (Orange) (Tumblestone approx 2.5cm) - A stone of great energy and cleansing. This little powerhouse can help balance emotions, remove fear and help you overcome depression.


  • Calcite (Yellow) (Tumblestone approx 1.5cm) - Yellow Calcite is associated with self confidence and hope. It is said to be effective at clearing out old energy patterns and increasing personal motivation and drive. Yellow Calcite specifically is a clearer of accumulated self doubt, giving you the opportunity for a clean emotional slate.


  • Celestine (Smooth approx 2cm)- A stone often associated with divine power and is thought to increase understanding, higher consciousness, as well as mindfulness when used in meditation and prayer.


  • Charoite (Smooth approx 3cm) - Charoite is a stone of transformation. It cleanses the aura and chakras by transmuting negative energy into healing power. It opens our hearts and stimulates unconditional love. Re-energises, reducing stress and worry. Charoite can also help improve sleep.


  • Chiastolite (Smooth approx 3cm) - A highly protective stone with psychic resistance. It will protect you from negative energies, and it will help prevent your energies from getting drained. It will act like a protective shield around you, making you feel safe and secure.


  • Chrysocolla (Tumblestone approx 2.5cm) - Is excellent for easing emotional stress and promoting harmony. It aids with the release of disturbing influences and leaves you free to better communicate, express yourself and feel empowered.


  • Chrysoprase (Tumblestone approx 1.5cm) - Imparts a sense of being with the divine whole. Encourages fidelity in personal and business relationships. Helps overcome impulsiveness.


  • Chrysoprase (Lemon) (Tumblestone approx 2cm) - Is an incredibly positive stone. It can help lower anxieties and depression and in turn bring joy and happiness. Your new outlook on life can help attract new love, abundance and prosperity.


  • Cinnabar (Smooth approx 2cm) - A stone for the ultra sensitive. Cinnabar is highly useful for removing negative energies from around you and replacing them with positive and light ones. If you're someone who is extremely distressed, anxious or sensitive to external  influences, possessing Cinnabar can help you have the confidence to overcome them and pursue the path life has chosen for you. 


  • Citrine (Natural smooth approx 3cm x 3cm) - Citrine is the stone of positivity, happiness and abundance. It teaches you how to manifest wealth and prosperity.


  • Cryolite (Smooth approx 1.5cm) - Is a great stone for high awareness, since it makes you more attentive to your environment. Cryolite has a very high vibrational energy which is particularly helpful while meditating.


  • Danburite (smooth approx 2 - 2.5 cm) - The powers of danburite centre around developing a profound psychic link and harmony between the heart, the mind, and the spiritual world. It encourages self-love, self-acceptance, and deep spiritual enlightenment. (also available in Large at approx 3 - 4 cm)


  • Danburite (Yellow) (Smooth approx 2.5 - 3cm) -  Yellow Danburite is a great stone for increasing one's insight into the correct use of personal power and may help you to act in accordance with your “higher purpose”.


Semi-Precious Crystals (A-D)

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