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We have created a gorgeous crystal set comprising of high quality semi-precious stones to specifically aid with pregnancy and fertility. 


The set also comes with an information sheet which will quide you through the crystal uses.


The Crystals included are:

Rose Quartz - known to reduce swelling and hypertension. Believed to increase fertility. Helps you to embrace the magic of childbirth, and to bond and connect deeply with your unborn child. Balances your emotions


Moonstone - excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, the reproductive system, and has a reflective and calming energy that helps to stabilize your emotions and childbirth.


Carnelian - has a healing influence on the female reproductive organs and increases fertility. Stabilizing stone with high energy, it's excellent for restoring and maintaining vitality. Promotes Sexuality and planned reproduction. Believed to stimulave and balance uterus, ovaries, Fallopian


Green Moss Agate – is a stabilizing stone that is strongly connected with Nature. A stone of new beginnings, it helps to lessen pain in childbirth and ensures a good delivery. Balances your emotions. Strengthening in times of stress. Moss Agate honours "Bona Dea" the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility and the Greek Goddess of Women.


Peridot - is thought to lessen the pain of childbirth. A powerful cleanser, it releases and neutralizes toxins on all levels. Protects your aura. Said to be helpful during childbirth by stimulating contractions and opening the birth canal.


Red Jasper - is known as the "supreme nurturer", sustaining and supporting you during times of stress. Supports sexual organs. Alleviates fear and eases pain during the process of childbirth. Increases fertility and is conducive to happy pregnancies.


Citrine - One of the downsides to pregnancy is constipation; this crystal should help.

Fertility & Pregnancy Crystal Set

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