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Nitiraj Pratinum is a top quality choice for your incense sticks. The sticks are slow burning, lasting approximately 1 hour, and made from 100% sustainable natural ingredients. The sticks are a fair trade product and handcrafted in India.


The sticks we have available are:

  • Dragons Blood - A subtle, sweet and sensuous fragrance made from the dracaena family of palm trees.
  • English Rose - Experience an English rose garden with this delicate aromatic rose fragrance.
  • Frankincense - Used in ceremonies and rituals in many different cultures for thousands of years.
  • Ganesh - A sweet and spicy aromatic blend created to honor Lord Ganesh (brings good luck).
  • Goddess - Exotic aroma of wild flowers in honor of Tara, the female embodiment of Buddha - Protecting and compassionate.
  • Karma Sutra - The aroma of sweet jasmine blossom and night queen will fill the air with the promise of sensual pleasure.
  • Lavender - When life wears you out, let this soothing fragrance of freshly picked Lavender help you relax.
  • Meditation - Calm an active mind with this blend of sandalwood and henna. Scents traditionally used by sages in India.
  • Nirvana - Helping you transcend the physical plain and reach Nirvana.
  • Om - The sacred symbol representing the sound vibration that created the universe (A floral sweet scent often found in Indian temples)
  • Patchouli - The aroma that defined the 60's. Known as the hippie scent with its musky, sweet notes.
  • Prosperity - A mix containing specially blended oils and herbs to help you live a life of abundence.
  • Sandalwood - Indian Sandalwood with its uniquely sweet, woody fragrance will help transport you to an Indian temple.
  • White Sage - Traditionally used by Native Americans to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. Perfect for cleansing and purifying.


- These sticks can be used with our range of ash catchers - also available in our online store.

Nitiraj Platinum - Natural Incense Sticks

  • We recommend that you use incense in a well ventilated room, never leave it unattended and keep it out of reach of children.

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