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Semi-Precious Crystals (E-P) We possess a wide collection of crystal of all shapes, sizes and colours. Each crystal has a specific spiritual meanings to assist you in the various stages of your life.


Prices start from £2.20 and all sizes are close approximations.


Be sure to check out the continuation of our range of crstals (A-D) & (Q-Z)


Empowerite (Rough approx 2cm) - Perfectly named, this powerful stone can provide you with the strength and courage to make one feel self-empowered. It's a very grounding crystal and will help dispel any negativity or doubt.


Euclase (Rough approx 1cm) - This beautiful stone is a promoter of strength, clarity and happiness. It connects the heart to the mind, raising intuition and bringing clarity and peace to your deep self.


Emerald (Smooth stone approx 3 cm)


Fire Agate (Rough approx 1 cm) - Helps manifest divine guidance through action, and assists one in taking decisive approaches in unclear circumstances. It increases passion, emotions, and reconnection to one's deepest desires, and provides the courage to take risks to fulfill those promptings.


Fluorite (Tumblestone approx 2cm) - Is a very protective crystal. It will help you know when there are external forces trying to control or manipulate you. And it can effectively shut down any kind of mental or psychic manipulation.


Hemimor (Smooth approx 2cm) - Hemimor will ensure that your vibrational light energies are flowing within you and integrating with your personal energy fields. This crystal will open your consciousness so that you can better communicate with energies from the higher realm.


Jasper (Mookaite) (Tumblestone approx 2cm) - You don’t have to be afraid when you have the mookaite Jasper’s energies working for you. It will calm your worries and assuage your fears. It will show you that there’s nothing in this world that you cannot handle. It will also help you leave the past behind and look forward to the future.


Kunzite (Smooth approx 3.5cm & 4cm) - This powerful stone can bring you inner peace and give you a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. It can also calm all the noise and chaos in your life, and give you peace and serenity whenever you need it.


Labradorite (Smooth pebble approx 3cm) - Provides protection during therapy. Brings light which calms the mind and can stimulate imagination.


Lapis Lazuli (Rough approx 5 x 4 cm) - Lapis Lazuli is an incredibly popular stone for protecting against psychic attack and for releasing stress and anxieties. It can provide you with a deep inner peace and help uncover your inner truth.


Moldavite (Genuine) (Rough approx 1cm) - A rare stone thought to come from a meteorite. Known as The Holy Grail Stone because of its amazing ability to create that much-needed change in your life. It’s a stone that can help you with your spiritual transformation, ward off negative energies and provides psychic protection.


Moonstone (Rainbow)  (Tumblestone approx 2 - 2.5 cm) 


Obsidian (Tublestone approx 2-2.5cm) - A powerfully protective stone that will quickly shield and cleanse negativity. It is a truth enhancing stone that can help the real you be brought to the surface.


Obsidian (Goldsheen) (Tumblestone approx 2.5 cm) - Goldsheen Obsidian can provide a protective shield that deflects negativity and repels attempts of others to assert power over us. It helps us to uncover our unique skills and hidden talents whilst releasing blockages to our spiritual and personal growth.


Onyx (Tumblestone approx 2.5cm) - Onyx can help open the chakras and allow the better flow of positive energies. When there’s a healthy flow of energies, you will feel lighter, more vibrant, happier and more energetic.


Opal (Approx 1cm) - Opal is an emotional stone and reflects the mood of the wearer. It intensifies emotions and releases inhibitions. The stone can encourage the expression of freedom, independence and creativity.


Opal (Rose) (Tumblestone approx 2cm) - A powerful stone for healing the emotions, especially those connected with subconsciously held pain. It can also help heal matters of the heart. It encourages the release of fear, worry and anxiety. It helps to dissipate stress, allowing you to be more centered and calm.


Petalite (Tumblestone approx 1.5cm) - A popularly stone known to help make your intentions manifest in your life. It can make your dreams a reality with your hard work and perseverance, and it can protect its wearer from negative energies, bad intentions, and harmful spells.


Prehnite (Smooth approx 2- 3cm) - Is a great stone for love - Particularly that of the wearer. It allows you to truly calm and rest your mind, allowing you the opportunity to learn to love yourself. It is a great stone for those that meditate. Pyrite - (Tumblestone approx 2cm) - A stone that promotes inner strength, health and wealth.

Semi-Precious Crystals (E-P)

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