The Wild Wood Tarot by Mark Ryan


"For those who love the ancient woods"


Enter the wildwood and you will experience a world of myth and nature, a place of great simplicity and deep understanding. To walk among the age-old trees is to journey back in time to when we were different and our relationship with ancestral knowledge was as natural as breathing.

Few themes touch us as deeply and this deck introduces us to the classic forest archetypes of the Green Man and Woman, the Archer, the Hooded Man and the Blasted Oak. There are symbolic animals too, like the Hawk, Hare, Otter and Wolf, creatures that once walked alongside us in the greenwood and whose spirits still resonate today. Will Worthington's rich and vivid images bring this world to life and make it possible to feel the magic and power of the wildwood.


THE WILDWOOD TAROT draws inspiration from pre-Celtic mythology and a belief system steeped in shamanic wisdom and forest lore. Based on the seasonal rhythm and festival of the ancient year it enables us to connect with a long-lost world that can now help us make sense of our own.

The Wild Wood Tarot Deck


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