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Terms of service

Terms of service for

All users

It is expected that site users familiarise themselves with our "Privacy Policy" and "Cookies Policy" before using our site.


It is expected that all "users" (a "user" refers to those who access our site as a guest or registered member), must abide by the terms set out in these "Terms of service" at all times. If you do not intend on following these terms, then you must not use this website.

All users must not perform any act deemed illegal within this site. You must not provide false or misleading information or details belonging to another party to access or register to this site. You must not attempt to create an account on behalf of another or use payment methods not belonging to yourself.

Registering for an account.

As above, a user must register for an account using their own personal details, and not those belonging to third party. We advise that you do not share your password with any other party, allow anyone else to use your account or leave your account open to vulnerability (Example: leaving your account open on a public computer). 

Making purchases

The user should read all of the provided details regarding a product before making a purchase (including ingredients, fabrics, materials used etc). The user must also read any safety/care instructions before use - These instructions will be listed on the actual product or provided by ourselves on the product page .

The user must pay for an item prior to it being shipped. If there is a delay in a payment being cleared, the item will not be shipped until we have received payment. 

Lastly, the user should familiarise themselves with our "Delivery Policy" and "Returns Policy" before purchasing goods from our site, to ensure we're offering the correct service for your needs.

Welcome to our site! 

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