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The Olive Tree
The Olive Tree


About us


The Olive Tree was founded in the mid 90’s to highlight the calm and peaceful nature of Islam. Through listening to our customers, the shop has evolved into what it is today: A sanctuary in the city. We welcome all, and our philosophy is that every path has the same truth at its core : LOVE.


We consider it a privilege to facilitate the transformation of our customers : often people come to us when they feel lost or overwhelmed by negativity and stress. Through the beauty, unique energy of the shop and the care and knowledge of our staff, we are able to help our customers find the tools to feel positive once more. That’s when we know the energy of The Olive Tree is working!


The ambiance of the shop is created by gorgeous, authentic Moroccan crafts, lamps, fabric etc… And the spirit of the shop is enhanced by our fair trade ethic. We’ve gained a reputation in the city for only stocking items of the highest quality.


Our customers are our priority, so our best sellers are determined by them; whether it’s crystals, incense, reiki candles, essential oils, singing bowls or books. We have something to suit everyone’s needs.


By visiting The Olive Tree and experiencing the serenity of our Moroccan Room, you are welcome to rest and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our “Oasis in The City”.


With love,

The Olive Tree

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