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Our Chakra Pendant kit comes with the seven chakra stones and a versatile cage pendant on silver plated chain (pendant hangs at approximately 30cm). The kit can be used to make your own interchangeable pendant and improve the balance of your chakras. It also comes packaged within a charming little gift box


The Chakra Crystals are:- 

  • Clear Quartz - representing the crown chakra, clear quartz is associated with the balance of the whole chakra system.
  • Amethyst - representing the third eye chakra, is concerned with understanding, knowledge and mental organisation.
  • Sodalite - representing the throat chakra, sodalite is associated with communication, personal expression and the flow of information.
  • Green Quartz - representing the heart chakra, green quartz helps deal with relationships and personal development.
  • Citrine - represents the solar plexus chakra and helps give self confidence and personal power.
  • Agate - representing the sacral chakra, its functions are creativity, feelings and sexual drive.
  • Haematite - represents the root or base chakra, it gives stability and aids energy distribution and physical survival.

This pendant kit would make a very thoughtful gift.

Chakra Pendant Kit

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