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These beautiful crystal guardian angels are handmade in the UK and will make a perfect gift to a special friend or loved one. The angels are made from semi-precious Swarovski Crystals and each has a birth and spiritual meaning to help support the manifestation of LOVE, GUIDANCE and PROTECTION. The angels are suspended on a looped thread and can be hung near a bright window to provide a gorgeous illumination.


Crystals and their meanings:

  • Garnet (January) - Passion, Desire, Commitment
  • Amethyst (February) - Spirituality, Clarity, Tranquility
  • Aquamarine (March) - Honesty, Serenity, Courage
  • Aurora Borealis (April) - Purity, Innocence, Good 
  • Emerald (May) - Faith, Courage, Foresight
  • Light Amethyst (June) - Spirituality, Clarity, Tranquility
  • Ruby - (July) - Heart, Passion, Nobility
  • Pedidot (August) - Understanding, Destiny, Purpose
  • Saphire (September) - Truth, Prosperity, Faithfulness
  • Rose - (October) - Truth, Intuition, Happiness
  • Topaz (November) - Love, Success, Fidelity
  • Blue Zircon (December) - Prosperity, Wisdom, Courage


Other crystal colours:

  • Crystal (April) - Purity, Innocence, Good Fortune
  • Majestic Blue - Truth, Prosperity, Faithfulness
  • Gold - Wisdom, Wealth, Prosperity
  • Silver - Intuition, Imagination, Illusion


Angel measures approximately 3cm x 3cm and have a total length (including silver thread for hanging) of approximately 15cm.

Guardian Angels - Swarovski Crystal

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