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We stock a wide selection of semi-precious crystal tumblestones for £1.20 each.


All crystals and stones in this range are between 1.5 - 4 cm in size (approximately).


We currently stock:


Amazonite - Protects against EMF, balances masculine and feminine energies, soothes worry, trauma and fear and helps manifest universal love.


Amethyst - A very powerful crystal for promoting peace through the healing and calming of the mind. Amethyst will block unwanted negativity and will reduce insomnia and nightmares.


Aquamarine - Stone of courage that relieves stress and quietens the mind. Perfect for safe travel. Opens clairvoyant abilities and aids meditation.


Aventurine (Green) - A stone of prosperity, positive leadership, decisiveness, compassion and perserverence.


Aventurine (Red) - The "can do" stone. The stone of vitality and renewal. Harmonising with family and overcoming the ego and fear. Encourages self-forgiveness.


Bronzite - A stone for serenity, self-assertion and when used with black tourmaline can combat curses and ill-wishing.


Bloodstone - A stone of powerful healing that stimulates the immune system. A strong promoter of courage, grounding and protection, and useful in the revitalisation of love & relationships.


Carnelian - A stone of courage and high energy. It grounds and anchors your mind to the present and will promote vitality and motivation. A stone that will clear negative thoughts, promote creativity and compassion. Increases fertility in women.


Citrine (heat treated) - A stone of positivity. It is warm and energising and will promote joy, facilitate optimism and thus bring about abundance.


Garnet - A stone that brings serenity or passion where needed. Balances sex drive and aids emotional disharmony. Strengthens survival instincts and cleanses chakras.


Green Moss Agate - New beginnings, birthing stone and stabilising. Promotes wealth and abundence through raised self-esteem and the courage to pursue your goals.


Hematite - A grounding and protective stone. Dissolves negativity and harmonises the mind, body and soul. Helps with over-indulgence and when quitting smoking. Good for blood disorders.


Jasper (Red) - A stone perfect for worry as it helps calm emotions and will cleanse and stabilise the aura. The stone will help strengthen your boundaries and provide grounding. A stone used to strengthen and detoxify the blood and liver.


Jasper (Yellow) - A protection stone during spiritual work and physical travel. It can channel positive energy, release toxins, aids digestion and promotes a healthy stomach.


Jet - Created from fossilised wood, Jet is incredibly protective. I can help stabilise moods, lift depression and  put you in a better frame of mind to add balance to your life.


Labradorite - This gorgeaous stone will calm the mind, by creating a barrier to negative energy and dispel unwanted illusions. The stone can be used for eye health and for lowering blood pressure.


Lepidolite - A strong stone for reducing EMF radiation. A great stone for calming the mind and reducing mood swings and negativity.


Moonstone - The stone of new beginnings. Moonstone is a powerhouse crystal that will stabilise emotions and reduce stress, whilst helping to promote empathy and intuition. A great stone for fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.


Obsidian (Snowflake) - A strong stone for calming and soothing the mind. Promotes self reflection and the value of learning from your mistakes. A strong stone for purifying the mind, body and soul.


Quartz - The most powerful healing and energy amplifying stone of the planet. This powerhouse crystal will help unblock and channel energies and can be used to heal all ailments.


Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love (whether that of yourself or another) - this popular crystal is renowned for its promotion of infinite peace, harmony and the essence of attracting true love. The stone can also be used to aid panic, trauma and loss.


Sardonyx - Provides strength and protection, promotes honesty and integrity, and will provide the foundations for lasting happiness with a partner.


Selenite - Selenite provides for clarity of the mind, expanding ones awareness of the self and of ones surroundings. Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It assists with judgement and insight. It clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture.


Sodalite - A stone that unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception. The stone can help promote trust, companionship and eliminate mental confusion.


Tiger's eye (gold) - A protective stone that aids depression and raises self-esteem. The stone is traditionally used in travel and can bring good luck. Also used to heal the throat and broken bones.


Tiger's eye (Blue) - Aids with anxiety and a quick temper by calming the mind and releasing stress.


Unakite - Is the stone of vision. It helps balance emotions with spirituality and seeds spiritual growth. The stone also facilitates with the essence of re-birthing or regeneration, both mentally and physically, and can aid with pregnancy , skin and hair growth.

Crystal Tumblestones (All 1.20 each)

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